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About Me

My name is Michelle Sachnin and I am a life coach, a blogger, author and public speaker. I am on a mission to promote happiness and infect as many people as possible with my message of love.

Why are we here? What is the ultimate goal of our life?

To love and be happy of course!

Sadly, most people I meet are not happy. They are afraid and frustrated by life, stuck, with no idea how to become unstuck. They are sorely lacking in self love and are trying to live life according to someone else's standards. I was there and I know that it is hardly fun.

One day, quite a few years ago the realization that I was unhappy hit me (like a ton of bricks). I went on a magnificent soul searching journey to find my happy. And I did - I am happy! I studied, read, meditated and listened to everything I could get my hands on and wrap my heart around.

I now see life from a whole new perspective, in love with myself and life and filled with gratitude for all of the universe's amazing blessings. I am happy. And if I did it, there is no reason you can't be happy either.

It has my become my personal mission to help as many people as possible find their happy. There is a spiritual revolution that is transpiring right now, spurred on by formerly disenfranchised humans who have discovered (or should I say re-discovered) a simpler, more gentler way to live. I invite you to join. I invite you to begin to question everything. I invite you to take a really good look at your life and find the courage to accept where you right now and to do everything in your power to become happy.

This is your life and you actually are in control. I urge you to do it now and don't waste another precious second being unhappy.




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