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Woolen Blanket


You are a woolen blanket that covers me 

It is warm inside, and I feel safe

Like a fort, we play, captivated and 

Ceremoniously cut off from the world outside

Your love smothers me and I gasp for air

I can’t breathe without you 

I fight to find a semblance of divine separation 

To remember the me, to be the me I was before you

My feelings have sharp edges like shards of glass in the sun,

Cutting pieces of you and pieces of me 

Creating new dimensions 

A kaleidoscope of us

The winds still blow fierce and the moon faithfully guides the currents 

Charting a course for those who do not waver

I know this to be true and yet

I am sailing in unchartered territory

With only a woolen blanket 

Meant to Be


You and me, were we ever meant to be

The summer nights are oh so warm and I hunger for you

Somehow what we feel is real

Me gliding along on a flat waveless sea

While you rock your boat of stormy emotion

You a prisoner of your anger I manage to set you free

If only for a while, for an hour

Can you see me through the darkness

I know my light is blinding

And you shy away

Too much too soon too little too late too many unknowns

I feel safe in your arms

Wrapped up in your love

Like a present yet unopened

Were we ever meant to be

If only for a while

What is real, what is not, do we even know how to love

The passion, the anticipation, the lust, the emotion raw and hungry

The feeling like it never was before and never will again

The music it fills my ears and my soul

But you can’t hear it

Does my love feed your soul

Are we meant to be

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