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I am amazing. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am blessed. I am a badass.

Are you?

Only if you believe you are.

Those two words, I am, are the most powerful words in our vocabulary because they are a declaration of who we are. Our decision about who we are, our I am, is fluid, based upon our ever-changing perception of who we wish to be and independently of how the rest of the world sees us. Even if up until this point, for our entire lives, we saw ourselves as x, we are only one decision away from being y.

I am unlucky in love, I make bad choices, I am unworthy, I am a bad friend, I am bad with money, I am afraid of ..., I am sick of ..., I am too ... What is it that you declare yourself to be? What are your current I ams?

Imagine your I am as being clumsy. You were told you were clumsy as a child by your parents and teachers. You believed them and began to see yourself as clumsy. I am clumsy. Now you are twenty-five or thirty five, still believing you are clumsy and letting the world know you are by your declaration of your I am. Are you really? Were you born with a gene that makes you clumsy? Do you still run around with the careless energy of a child? Even so, can you decide to be something else? What if you decided to become proficient in ballet or yoga? What if you just slowed down and became mindful of how you move about in your physical space? What if, then, you eradicated ‘I am clumsy’ from your beliefs and your words? What if you started to say instead, I am graceful and said it enough times until you finally believed it?

We are in the driver seat of our lives. We get to decide who we are and what kind of life we wish to live. Pay attention to who you declare yourself to be. Now that you are aware, notice which words you put after I am throughout your week. If you find these declarations to be incongruent with who you would like to be, stop saying them. Stop believing them. Change the conversation. Our thoughts and our beliefs create words and actions that create habits and behaviors that create our values and ultimately, our destiny. Become the change you wish to see.


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