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Inspired by Wayne

Ever since I met Wayne last week, I can’t stop thinking about him. It has been a really long time since anybody left such a big impression on me. In fact, everything about Wayne is larger than life, from his imposing stature to the 22,000 square foot after care study center that he runs to the thousands of pounds of food that his center disburses to the community every week.

During his years as a police officer, Wayne witnessed the struggles of the impoverished Pearl City neighborhood that stands in stark contrast to their wealthy neighbors in Boca Raton, Florida. He set out to reverse the cycles of drug abuse, imprisonment and hunger by providing a place for children to go after school. The children who successfully complete his program are guaranteed a full scholarship to college. Due to his super-human fundraising skills, they receive tutoring, school supplies and clothes, and a hot meal. They are exposed to cultural, social and community events and programs. Part of the requirements of his program are for the kids, along with their families to give back to the community during the program and long after they graduate from college. So not only is he providing them a great chance to succeed in life, he is fostering a future generation of mentors.

One man with a vision, determination and dedication has sent ripples out into the world that created monster waves to help thousands of children and their families and transform an entire community.

Wayne is the type of person who inspires people to do their very best, to be their very best. Wayne is the kind of person that proves that what we do matters in this world and that our every action has a reaction. True, not everybody was born to move mountains. But on the other hand, we all have our own unique qualities and gifts to share with the world and are each amazing in our own way. We needn’t set out each day with the intent to change the world, but we should always set out with the intent to make our little corner a bit brighter for the people around us. It could be something as simple as a kind word, a smile, or a helping hand. It could be the decision to volunteer once a week for an hour. It could be a small act of kindness like paying for someone’s coffee just because. It could be the decision to take a deep breath and let go of whatever is bothering you, therefore avoiding a conflict or a confrontation. It could be the decision to be just a bit kinder and gentler with our families, our colleagues, with our fellow drivers and with ourselves.

We are all connected, and we are all in this together. Each of us has a personal responsibility to be the very best versions of ourselves for our families, our friends, and our communities. As Wayne has demonstrated, what we do truly matters. I am so happy I met him. He has inspired me to write more, to coach and connect more and to continue to share my gifts with the world. Won’t you join me?


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