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Spring into Something Wonderful

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

“If we had no winter, spring would not be so pleasant.”

Ann Bradstreet

We have been on the road now for almost 15 months. This leg of the trip took us straight north from the gulf coast of Alabama and Mississippi to Michigan’s upper peninsula. Without putting a stamp in our passport or taking a dip in Lake Superior, we are as far north as one can go. This Florida girl has grown wary of the cold air, the rain, and the naked trees, yearning for some sunshine and colors to brighten my horizon.

And there it is. Finally, it is Spring. The green is so very green and our outdoor wonderland has once again become luscious and full of color. Something shifts inside of me, a vibrancy that matches that of mother earth. I feel joy and appreciation, lighter and renewed. This year especially, after too many nights heating my southern blood by the fire, after too many days without sunshine and trees without leaves, this year I am especially grateful for spring.

Today we were walking along the lake and into the forest and bore witness to a proud duck carefully guarding her nine brand new ducklings. We stumbled across a baby fox all alone, waiting patiently for his mother to return. Through our binoculars we witnessed the joyous reunion as the baby frolicked about and jumped all over his momma. Butterflies danced about, birds sang, and wildflowers were on full display in a pageantry of beauty. We walked among the trees elated by the new life that had sprouted into a cornucopia of dazzling colors.

Spring is the time to open our doors and hearts, to go outside and appreciate the amazing gifts mother nature has bestowed upon us. Spring is the time for renewal, to put aside the heavy coats and burdens of winter and rejoice in the lightness of being. Spring is the time for rejuvenation, the perfect opportunity to develop a fresh attitude and habits that are more conducive to living a happier life.

Step outside and look around you. Find something beautiful to focus on. Take a couple of deep breaths and a moment to appreciate how blessed you are. Let the attitude of gratitude wash over you. Smile. Rejoice in the very miracle of being alive. This is your time. Your spring.


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